So you want a career as an Alias modeller?

A career in Alias surfacing can be very rewarding and satisfying. If the thought of working in one of the world's top Car Design Studios excites you then this course is for you! The problem with getting into the industry though is that usually companies want you to have experience, but of course you can't get experience without being in the industry! A typical Catch-22 situation. We're trying to address this problem by giving you industry standard training in the techniques of Alias surfacing. We are also happy to promote anyone who has successfully completed our courses. The first time I tried to use Alias in industry I struggled. Even though I'd been through the typical standard Alias training courses and was already proficient with ICEM Surf, getting to grips with the hundreds of menus was daunting, let alone mastering the techniques of Alias surfacing that I needed in the real world. If you've already invested time and money in trying to master Alias but don't feel that it's worked for you then why not join us? Here you'll get in-depth step-by-step instructions to help you develop your knowledge and skills to the highest level, ultimately preparing you for a career in the automotive design industry.

What the Course Involves

  • On-line structured training.

  • Direct email access to your instructor

  • Video based training

  • Text and images materials

  • Exercises to test out your knowledge

Bonus material

  • Porsche Panamera scan data

    You will be able to download the scan of a Porsche Panamera. Use this to further develop surfacing skills.

  • Completion Certificate

    You will get a certificate when you have successfully completed the course

Course content

Watch Intro Video

Example Video

Creating a corner fillet


Steven Cobert

Steve has over 30 years automotive design experience as a CAS and A-class surfacer, manager, trainer and mentor using both Alias and ICEM Surf. In 1988, at Rover Group he trained others in the use of NURBS for A-class surfacing using Computervision's CADDS. He also learnt Alias and ICEM Surf. At Topologies he was the Senior ICEM Surf Support Engineer and trained hundreds of users in ICEM Surf at Ford, Bertrandt, Mahindra and Mahindra and many other companies. He formed Geodigm Ltd in 1999, delivering the Ford GT Mk 1 A class exterior to a strict 3 month deadline. This was one of many Alias and ICEM Surf projects successfully completed. He has also trained, mentored and managed hundreds of users in Alias and ICEM Surf for companies such as Bentley, Jaguar, Land-Rover, Lotus and, most recently, Kia.


  • Why is the course so expensive?

    Design surfacing is a well-paid career. The course might seem to be expensive but by learning from an experienced industry professional is proven to be the quickest way to develop your skills to a level where you will be employable. It's an investment in youself. If you become a surfacer in the UK, Europe or the United States you should earn the cost of a year's course membership back within 1 or 2 weeks, even on a starting salary.

  • Can you guarantee work at the end of the course?

    If you have ability and apply yourself then there is every reason to think that you will be able to enter and succeed in industry. We will do everything that we can to help you along the way. If you successfully complete the whole course then we will help you market your abilities on-line. Everyone who our Senior Instructor Steve Cobert has trained has gone on to have a career in industry, at least the ones who committed to learning.

  • What if I don't like the course?

    If you're not happy within the first 14 days of membership then we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

  • Can you give me a copy of Alias?

    You can get a free 30 day download from Autodesk in the UK at or in the US at If you're a student or lecturer you can get a 1 year Alias Educational License from


Barry Hale

Catia Champion & Industry Solution Specialist

Steve Cobert is one the most informative and knowledgeable people in the market place for digital geometry creation. He is software agnostic; uses the best tools to guarantee job completion to tight cost and time restrictions.

Phil Botley

Phil Botley, Alias Product Manager | Autodesk

Probably one of the best guys around to teach people the art of Surface modelling in Surf or Alias

Adam Kenney

Digital Modeller at Volvo Cars

Steve has a in-depth knowledge of the world of 3D design and creation. Not only the tools themselves but more importantly the theory & methodology that underpins all of these software packages. Most impressively, Steve takes pleasure in imparting that knowledge & experience to his students and peers. No matter how many questions I had (.. I had a lot!) he always took the time to explain everything in detail until he was happy it was understood.

Frank Farmer

Frank Farmer, ICEM Surf - 'A' Class Modeller

After the initial one weeks classroom training on ICEM Surf, I was put into a group with Steve Cobert as our mentor. Steve was great at answering all our questions and teaching tips and techniques to boost our knowledge in a progressive way. Steve is a highly experienced ICEM 'A' class surface modeller and has great patience and commitment as a teacher and mentor. The methods learnt from Steve have really stood me in good stead throughout my ICEM career of 8 years.

Richard Morgan

A-Class Surface engineer

Steve is a fountain of knowledge with regards Digital modelling of all types from CAS to A-Class. I was taught first principles by Steve over 10 years ago which gave me a base to have a decade in the industry working at a number of OEM’s using ICEM surf. I owe Steve as one of the people for giving me the platform to gain a career in this competitive environment. Steve will provide the experience needed to know how to not just be apart of the industry but one of the better users.

Pricing options

The cost of the course includes a full year of access and you get to keep the Porsche Panamera data